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We Service a 60-mile radius; North to Titusville, Fl.,  and South to Vero Beach, Fl.  

Don't live within that area?
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Looking to do an installation project in Brevard County? Look no further! The team of experts at Installation Services of Brevard is here to help. We offer a number of different services that can help you realize the true potential of your home. All of our services come with free estimates, which involve discussing potential ideas and measuring out the area you want to be renovated. 


“Nathan and Bob were fantastic to work with when redesigning our kitchen. Phone calls were returned promptly, work was completed within the time frame discussed and the quality of work was outstanding! It was a pleasure to work with a company that we could count on for design advice, follow-through, and high-quality workmanship!” - LMK on the Better Business Bureau

Cabinet Installation


An easy way to upgrade your kitchen is with a new cabinet installation. But cabinets are used more than just the kitchen; they are used in bathrooms, home offices, and even a laundry room. Cabinets are not only esthetically pleasing but provide much-needed storage capacity. If you are considering cabinet installation to add a modern look and add extra storage to your home, Installation Services of Brevard can help!


Custom Cabinets


Do your remodeling dreams include a truly unique kitchen or bathroom? Do you want your cabinets to start from the ceiling to have extra storage space? Or are you thinking about building one of those outdoor kitchens that are trending at the moment? At Installation Services of Brevard, we specialize in cabinet installation and are just the place for you to get your custom cabinets in Melbourne Beach, FL, and within a 60-mile radius.


Cabinet Refacing


If you want to give your kitchen a simple makeover using what you already have, then cabinet refacing is the way to go. Don’t worry about having to go over your budget trying to remodel the entire kitchen with a set of new cabinets. The experts at Installation Services of Brevard are here to make sure your cabinet refacing process goes smoothly. We dedicate ourselves to customer satisfaction and providing exceptional services.


Cabinet Removal


Cabinets are crucial to any kitchen, not only for their style but for their usage and effectiveness. You use cabinets every day for cooking, cleaning, and storage. Here at Installation Services of Brevard, our team of cabinetry experts is here to not only safely remove your cabinets, but to help you find the best replacement cabinets for you! When you work with us, you are guaranteed to have a seamless experience.


Laminate Kitchen Countertops


When most people hear laminate, the first thing that comes to mind is floors, but having laminate kitchen countertops is also an option. Laminate countertops have many benefits, especially if you are remodeling your kitchen on a budget! At Installation Services of Brevard, we are going to tell you why we recommend laminate countertops. You can find thousands of beautiful laminate countertop kitchens on Pinterest, and you wouldn't even know they were not real stone!


Kitchen Cabinet Installation


If you are looking for a professional kitchen cabinet installation team, Installation Services of Brevard offers you a one-stop shop for your kitchen cabinet installation needs. Installation Services of Brevard offers a showroom where you can select your dream kitchen cabinets. From a sleek modern style kitchen to a rustic charm kitchen to an elegant victorian style kitchen, we can help you find what you are looking for to remodel your kitchen. 


Resurfacing Laminate Countertops


One of the best reasons to have laminate countertops is their versatility. If you're looking to resurface laminate countertops, then you are likely to have an outdated style that has rough, flat, pointed edges in a not-so-appealing color. At Installation Services of Brevard, our experts work hard to ensure your kitchen transformation comes at an affordable cost but looks like a million bucks! 


Baseboard Molding Installation


If you are interested in having baseboard molding installed in your home, look no further! At Installation Services of Brevard, we pride ourselves in our top-quality installation of baseboard molding in Palm Bay, FL, and within a 60-mile radius. Our experts can help guide you when it comes to sourcing the baseboard molding as well. You will not be left in the dark when you hire us; you will be frequently and immediately updated about your installation.


Cabinet Types Available


Here at Installation Services of Brevard, we believe that homeowners should be able to customize their kitchens to reflect their own tastes and personalities. After all, what good is a kitchen if you do not enjoy its look? That is why we are proud to offer a number of different types of kitchen cabinets. Here are the categories of the cabinets we offer:


  • Stock

    • These are cabinets that are readily available and pre-made.

  • Semi-custom    

    • These cabinets might have already been made, but were adjusted to fit in your kitchen space.

  • ​Custom

    • These cabinets are made from scratch specifically for your kitchen.


We also offer five different types of kitchen cabinets:


  • Base

  • Wall

  • Tall

  • Doors

  • Drawers


Contact Installation Services of Brevard 


If you are looking for a reliable company in Brevard County that can help bring your kitchen to the next level, get in touch. Here at Installation Services of Brevard, we service homes in Palm Bay, FL, and its surrounding areas. Give us a call at (321) 474-4026 to schedule a free consultation today!

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