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Resurfacing Laminate Countertops

Resurfacing laminate kitchen countertops can transform your kitchen at an affordable price. Laminate countertops were a trendy material for countertops, and brands like Formica and Wilsonart have changed how we view the world of laminate countertops. However, if you don't exactly have the money to spend on replacing your countertops, you can get the next best thing, transforming your countertops.


One of the best reasons to have laminate countertops is their versatility. If you're looking to resurface laminate countertops, then you are likely to have an outdated style that has rough, flat, pointed edges in a not so appealing color. At Installation Services of Brevard, our experts work hard to ensure your kitchen transformation comes at an affordable cost but looks like a million bucks! We offer free in-home quotes for all your resurfacing, installation, and demolition needs! Call us at 321-474-1026 or visit us at our storefront at 780 Wildbriar Rd., N.E #103, Palm Bay, Fl. 32905.

Benefits of Resurfacing Your Laminate Countertops

If your countertops need a new and updated look, consider having our team here at Installation Services of Brevard resurface them! There are many benefits to resurfacing your laminate countertops that you may have never heard of. Here are just a few:


  • Cost-Efficient 

    • The number one benefit that everyone loves about resurfacing laminate countertops is being able to create the look you want at an affordable cost. 

  • Completely Transformed Your Countertop Look

    • Old laminate countertops can look worn and have rough edges, but you can have the perfect light or dark natural stone look after you resurface. 

  • Antimicrobial

    • When you resurface laminate countertops, they are typically safer when it comes to bacteria.

  • Stays Sturdy

    • Old laminate countertops are not as durable as the laminate countertops that are made today.


Interested in learning more? Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We are always happy to help.


How To Resurface Laminate Countertops

If you want an expert finish, you'll have to go to the experts! At Installation Services of Brevard, our pros know how to provide you with a beautifully transformed kitchen just with your old laminate countertops' little resurfacing. 

We here at Installation Services of Brevard would like to confirm that we do not recommend resurfacing older countertops that were previously made of fiberboard.


Our team believes that transparency should be at the forefront of every project. That is why we offer our step-by-step procedure on how we get our jobs done. Here are the steps we take to resurface your laminate countertops:

  1. Remove the sink, appliances, molding from any area that comes in contact with the countertop.

  2. Cover all the cabinets and floors 

  3. Clean countertops with a degreasing cleaner and use a razor to get off any dried glue from the sink that was in there.

  4. Sand all countertop surfaces, including the edges.

  5. Coat countertop surfaces with bonding primer.

  6. Let the bonding primer completely dry.

  7. Roughly sand bonding primer.

  8. Use the color of your choice in paint & primer in one.

  9. Spray on your undertones for visual excitement.

  10. Countertop epoxy is mixed and applied.

  11. Evenly spread out the epoxy.

  12. Chop up epoxy with a brush and brush out drips on the edges of the countertops.

  13. Use a propane torch to sweep across the surface to get rid of small air bubbles.

  14. Depending on the look you're going for, this is where you'll add the 'look' you are going for with different spray paints and tools.

  15. Use the propane torch to remove any man-made lines and brush strokes.

  16. Give rough sand before adding your clear epoxy.


These are just a list of very rough steps for laminate resurfacing. There are a lot of technical parts when taking on this process. DIY laminate resurfacing is possible, and the experts at Installation Services of Brevard are happy to answer any of your questions.


Why Choose Laminate Countertops

If you were researching your options for countertops and happened to come across this 'resurfacing laminate countertops' page, then you already know one benefit! You can update and change your laminate countertops fast and affordably. Laminate countertops have many benefits, including being antimicrobial. This is especially great for kitchen countertops since this is where all food prep and cooking is done. Installing laminate countertops will also not bring down the resale value of your home. Overall, laminate countertops offer the best value for your money since they are more cost-effective than other countertops. Although there are significant benefits to installing laminate countertops, they do also come with some cons. Unfortunately, its number one downfall is that it is easily damaged. However, they are repairable, and over the years, laminate has become even more durable. If you are looking to check out various laminate countertop styles, please visit our storefront at 780 Wildbriar Rd., N.E #103 Palm Bay, Fl. 32905.


Contact Installation Service of Brevard To Resurface Your Kitchen Countertops


When you're ready to transform your countertops at an affordable price, give our team of resurfacing experts at Installation Services of Brevard a call! We offer free in-home professional estimates for resurfacing laminate countertops in Cocoa FL and surrounding areas, that will ensure there are no hidden costs or fees! We can help you determine what style and type of resurfaced laminate that will suit your needs. Call us today at 321-474-4026, visit our storefront at 780 Wildbriar Rd., N.E #103 Palm Bay, Fl. 32905, or fill out our contact form, and let's get started building your affordable dream kitchen today!

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