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STOP before you buy cabinets from a Big Box store!

You may think the best way to save money on cabinets or cabinet installation is from a big box store. After all, they can buy in bulk, so their prices must be low, right? The problem is, they know you believe this and can use it to their advantage. When is the last time you tried to haggle at a big box retail store? You can try it, but most people don't even consider it.

The High Cost of "Low Prices"

This is why they often advertise "low prices" or even use the word "low" in their name. "Low prices" are relative and are more of a marketing term than consumer advice. Keep in mind that these companies have massive overhead costs. If they get a great wholesale price, it's not guaranteed to pass down to the customer. These companies put profit before everything because they have shareholders to answer to. They are going to charge as much as they can get away with. For this reason, it is a big mistake to not shop around, especially at local companies. You will not only be supporting your local economy, you'll likely get a better product at a lower price.

Convenience is not King

Plus, you can't beat the customer service you get from a passionate, local business. The big box isn't going to take those extra steps to make sure your service is unforgettable. Often, if we're honest, we don't go to big box stores for the prices, it's for the convenience. Well, that convenience goes right out the window if the service is subpar and/or the product is no good. Do yourself a favor and take the time to investigate your local cabinet companies. You'll get the service you deserve and the quality you expect, at a price you can afford.

Attention to Detail

Big box cabinet stores are all about volume. This means they want to get in and get out with your cabinet installation and sales. They don't have the time or resources to spend the extra time to make sure everything is perfect. If you need customization or on-site modifications, good luck. They may not give the option, or if they do, you'll have to pay extra.

True Customer Service

With so many companies out there saying the same things, it can be hard to know who is being honest. It feels like everyone says “we put our customers first”, but do they mean it? You don’t have to wonder when you work with Installation Services of Brevard.

We treat all our customers like members of our own family. And our extended service policy is second to none. If we work on your home, we will be there to help with any issues that may arise even if it’s years down the road. If you have a hinge go bad or need a screw replaced, give us a call and we will be there to take care of you.

When we have completed the job in your home, we don’t just get up and leave. We do a full walkthrough with you, pointing out everything we did and asking for your feedback. We ensure your satisfaction before leaving the job site. There's no hiding behind corporate policies or hidden fees. With our team, you get honest, hard work, and a commitment to your satisfaction.


We see our customers as lifetime customers. We treat you like we’re going to see you again, and we work like you're going to call us about it. You are more than a number or a dollar sign in our eyes. We are great cabinet installers. But we also strive to be “trust installers” when we work with you. We take pride in our work and we love our customers. It is an honor to work in your home and want to make sure we treat you with the respect and care that you deserve. We do it right. We do it all. We put you first, and we always will.

Cabinet Services with Installation Services of Brevard

Are you ready to find out what makes our services so different? Contact us to get started on your next project! Call us today at 321-474-4026 to schedule a free consultation today.

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