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How to Prepare Your Kitchen for a Cabinet Installation

So, you have decided that your kitchen requires new cabinets. Fantastic! When you hire our team here at Installation Services of Brevard to install your new cabinets, you are hiring a committed crew of professionals. You are guaranteed to have a seamless experience, even when your kitchen is more than a little bit messy.

However, if you avoid preparing your kitchen, this mess could potentially be much worse. That is why you should make sure to clean and clear out your kitchen before the big day. Here are some essential tips to consider as your new cabinet installation draws closer.

Move All of Your Cabinets’ Belongings

It is still important to remember nonetheless. It is essential not to leave anything behind in your cabinets before the removal and installation. This includes everything from food to cooking supplies. You might also recognize that some of the items you have might not be of use to you anymore. If this is the case, you can sell these supplies or donate them to a local charity. No matter what you decide to do, ensure that everything is kept safely in a different room until the installation is complete.

Stock Up on Packing Supplies

When you are moving your kitchen materials, you want to make sure that all of your belongings are together. For example, you do not wish to have your forks in another place than your spoons! Make sure that you have a good amount of moving boxes to put your supplies in. To avoid valuables breaking, it is also vital that you have packing peanuts or newspapers on hand.

Turn Off Electricity in Your Kitchen

We have heard some horror stories about people deciding to install new cabinets by themselves, only to have their plans ruined because they forgot to turn off their kitchen’s electricity. Looking over this critical step could result in some significant damage, as not cutting off water and gas in the process can spell an end to your installation. Ensure that electricity, gas, and water are turned off in just your kitchen before the installation begins to ensure a smooth procedure.

Call Installation Services of Brevard Today

Our team here at Installation Services of Brevard are experts at cabinet removal and installation. We are committed to helping you install the best cabinets for you. If you are interested in a free consultation, call us today at 321-474-4026.

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