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How To Maintain Your Cabinets

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

When getting new cabinets one of the most important things you could do after they are installed is expand their lifespan. This blog will go over good habits to have when it comes to your cabinets as well as the best ways to clean or fix them if need be so you can know exactly how to maintain your cabinets.

The Do's and Don'ts of cleaning your cabinets

When you clean your kitchen a lot of people usually only focus on the floors, appliances, or countertops. But cleaning your cabinets is just as important especially because maintaining your cabinets can increase the lifespan of them as well as ensure they keep their coloring. But how do you go about doing it? While it might take a bit of time to get every cabinet not only is it easy to do but it's also quite rewarding. The first thing you need to look at when cleaning cabinets is what you are using to clean it with, you should be using soft non-abrasive brushes and scrubbers so you don't peel the paint off of the cabinet. As well as you should be using warm water or a very gentle cleaning solution. Cleaning is vital when learning how to maintain your cabinets but using the right solution is just as important. You can find many different solutions you can make at home online. Do NOT soak your cabinets, too much moisture can actually damage your cabinets' paints or finishes. So when you are using cleaner or hot water using it sparingly on your cabinets so you don't risk overwhelming it with moisture. But you might be asking yourself? What if there is grime in the groove of the cabinet and I can't reach it? One of the best ways to get grime out of the grooves or patterns on your cabinets is with an old toothbrush. Just be careful not to scrub to hard so you don't take the paint off. Always make sure to dry off your cabinets when you are done cleaning them. If you let moisture sit there too long it can seep into the cabinets or paint and cause damage to them.

How To Maintain Your Cabinets

Now that we know how to clean the cabinets, what happens if something breaks? How can we repair our cabinets? Well I will be going over some of the most common issues with cabinets as well as how to fix them in the passages below.

Easy Repairs For Cabinets

The first issue we will discuss is fixing how loud the cabinet doors close, this first fix isn't for a broken cabinet but it is a solution to a problem a lot of people have which is cabinet doors being too loud. So it doesn't go over how to maintain your cabinets but it is still something a lot of people would want to know. So how do I go about fixing this? Well, the easiest and most cost effective way to do this is to add cabinet door bumpers.

How To Maintain Your Cabinets

These typically can be bought in large packs for no more than $6, it is the perfect way to ensure that annoying loud bang is no more. The next issue we will cover is misaligned hinges on your cabinet doors. How do I go about fixing that? Well the stand hinges a cabinet uses are Euro Hinges, they are actually very easy to adjust.

How To Maintain Your Cabinets

If the cabinet doors aren't flush with the opposing cabinet doors next to them you simply have to adjust the depth screw. If your hinges do not have depth screws then you should start with the side screws. In most cases, you just need to tighten or loosen the depth screw to get the results you are looking for from it.

But what if my cabinet is suffering from scratches or other little imperfections? This is actually an extremely easy fix that anyone can do and is very important for learning how to maintain your cabinets. A ton of home improvement stores carry exactly what you will need to fill these, all you need is a "stain filled touch up marker". Just simply dab the scratches with the pen and then use a rag to pick up the excess. But be aware of when doing this scratches can absorb more of the stain and end up being darker than the woods finish. So your best bet is to start with a lighter color or just use a lot less than you'll think you'll need and build up to finishing it completely. If you need more advanced help and aren't comfortable doing it yourself you can always give us a call at: 321-474-4026 or just contact us.

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