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Cabinet Installers - A Story All Too Real

We made this story up, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Chapter 1: The Problem

You and your family have been living in your home for years. You wouldn't consider moving, but you feel like something is missing.

For some reason, arguments are more frequent than they used to be. The air feels tense. You love your family and want the best for them and your relationships. But you can't shake the feeling that something is messing with the harmony you once had.

You read an article about family dinners. They say eating together at home is a great way to bring your family closer. After all, spending more time together seems like an obvious solution. So, you try it out.

You gather the family together and suggest more family dinners. The kids seem indifferent. They're preoccupied with their phones and don't contribute much to the conversation. Your spouse likes the idea but tells you all the reasons it might be difficult to pull off. You work it out, though, and decide to give it a shot.

The first question comes to mind, "What are we going to have?" As if picking a restaurant wasn't hard enough, now you have to pick a specific meal! You decide to bust out the old recipe book. Of course, you can't find it right away. You dig through your cabinets and finally find it, buried somewhere in the abyss.

Chapter 2: The Revelation

Trying to get through the clutter and the squeaky doors to find a single item leaves you feeling annoyed. You think to yourself, "No wonder we spend less time in the kitchen!" And you haven't even started yet.

Next thing you know, you're noticing all the flaws in your kitchen. Pots and pans stack on top of each other, with no sense of organization. Nothing feels easy. A knob falls off. A few crooked doors begin to stand out. Not to mention, they're ugly! There's nothing inspiring about this kitchen. You hate it.

After all, in the magazine article, the kitchens were always neat and beautiful. The whole point of this idea was to improve your home life. You haven't even started cooking and you're already irritated.

How can your family enjoy dinner at home when they have to deal with this nightmare? Cooking as a family? Out of the question. You'll be fighting before the food is even ready.

You come to the realization that your kitchen itself is a part of the problem. But what do you do about it? Your mind goes back to the start of this mess, the cabinets! Those old cabinets are not only ugly, but they make every step more difficult. You can't organize your stuff, and you can't stand looking at those tired old things. If there's any hope to make this family dinner thing happen, those cabinets have got to go!

You manage to convince your spouse that it's time for a change in the kitchen. Again, they bring up all the concerns about the process. They aren't trying to be negative; they like the idea. But they want to make sure solving one problem doesn't cause more problems.

Chapter 3: Trying to DIY

You start researching. You look for ideas on social media and online stores. This is helpful, but now you have too many options. You decide to visit the home improvement store and see this stuff in person. Again, options abound. You're not a cabinet specialist, all you know is you want something better than what you have.

You decide to ask an associate for help. There aren't any nearby, but you see a bell. Not wanting to be rude or demanding, you hesitate to ring it. Someone will show up, right? It's their job, after all. It doesn't happen and you feel you have no choice but to ring the bell. Ding! As you look around, nothing changes. A minute or two goes by with no response, so you ring again. Ding! Still nothing.

Your spouse offers to go looking while you wait for the response that the bell promised. Finally! A person comes to help. Well, that's what you think at least. It turns out they know less than you do! You would never regard yourself as a cabinet expert, but at least you've been doing some research.

At least they are able to give you some broad pricing ideas and let you see the cabinets they have on display. They try to talk you into some kind of service plan and tell you they have installation options as well. If their low expertise is any sign of the quality of their cabinet installers, you don't feel too inspired.

You leave the home improvement store empty-handed, and less confident about moving forward. You won't let this stop you, though. You're on a mission. Your family's future is at stake. You want those family dinners!

Chapter 4: Getting Expert Assistance

You've already decided you want to install new cabinets. The kitchen needs an update, plain and simple. The whole point of the idea is to make things better, not worse. You're not going to spend good money on a product and service you can't trust.

Back to research you go. Word of mouth has always been effective, so you ask friends you can trust. Turns out, they don't have very many suggestions for expert cabinet installers either. Finally, you hear about the company Installation Services of Brevard!

They are cabinet experts, have glowing reviews online and take pride in their work. You give them a call and learn first hand, these guys are the real deal. They know what they're talking about and they put their clients first. To your surprise, they are even more affordable than you expected.

You decide to give them a shot and schedule an estimate. Your spouse is still a bit suspicious and says, "let's see if they even show up on time". On the day of the estimate, your spouse eats their words. They showed up right on time!

They listen to the problems you are trying to solve, offering great solutions and ideas. The cabinet experts give a thorough explanation of what they can do, and how they can do it.

Finally, you feel a sense of relief. They help you pick out your cabinets and colors. You even decide to go for new countertops to bring the look and function together!

Chapter 5: It's All Coming Together

The day of reckoning comes, installation day. You feel good about these guys, but you’ve heard horror stories of cabinet installers who make a huge mess. They show up, on time again, and begin the prep work. They are careful to protect all your surfaces. They don't make a mess, and they dispose of all their garbage. You feel a wave of relief.

When it's all done, your kitchen looks amazing! The team even went out of their way to solve a few underlying problems. The cabinet installers leave you their card and tell you to call if you have any problems. Finally, your kitchen is fresh. You feel that positive energy come back into your home.

It's now time to try that dinner at home again. You open your new cabinets and feel relaxed instead of stressed. The kitchen you once dreaded is now full of inspiration. Your spouse points out the quality of the workmanship. They rave about the little details the cabinet installers addressed.

When the kids get home, they rave about the kitchen too! To your surprise, they finally ignore their phones and explore the new kitchen. They even ask you, "are we going to have dinner here tonight?" You did it! Even the kids want to have dinner at home.

As a family, you prepare your meal. No one is fighting or getting in each other's way. You're talking and connecting and dinner hasn't even started. When you all sit down, you're feeling great. You finally have that dinner you've been wanting and your family is better for it. Now it's a regular thing and your relationships continue to improve.


Who knew cabinets could make such a difference? It's not the cabinets themselves that made the difference. It is what the cabinets do to transform your kitchen. If they used a company that didn't care, this story would have a different ending.

This happy ending could have arrived sooner. If they had called expert cabinet installers in the first place, they could have avoided a lot of trouble. Installation Services of Brevard works hard to make sure your story is a good one.

To find out more information, check us out online or give us a call at (321) 474-4026. We strive to be more than cabinet installers. We want to install trust for you and your family. Our customers always come first and our service is guaranteed. Skip the drama, and let us help you with your custom cabinets, installation, or refacing today.

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