Laminate Kitchen Countertops

If you are researching custom laminate countertops for your kitchen remodel, you've probably come across laminate countertops. When most people hear laminate, the first thing that comes to mind is floors, but having laminate kitchen countertops is also an option. Laminate countertops have many benefits, especially if you are remolding your kitchen on a budget! At Installation Services of Brevard, we are going to tell you why we recommend laminate countertops. You can find thousands of beautiful laminate countertop kitchens on Pinterest, and you wouldn't even know they were not real stone!

Selecting the wood form and shade along with the custom design that will decorate the doors is just a part of picking your new kitchen cabinets. The countertops which you choose are just as essential as the wood type. Every countertop is fully assembled and particularly built to fit in with your kitchen.


Leading Laminate Countertop Brands


Four prominent brands come to mind when talking about laminate countertops. The first is Formica Laminate, which is the 'original' laminate flooring. It was developed in 1912 by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. They offer laminate countertops that are just as durable as they are beautiful. Another brand known for their laminate countertops is Wilsonart. Wilsonart is a world-leading company in engineered surfaces. They promise to create surfaces people love and can count on. They engineered High-Pressure Laminate and continuously redefined beautiful countertops by enhancing their performance and award-winning compositions. 


Both Formica and Wilsonart, are staples of the laminate countertop world. They both offer great value, beautiful designs, and quality laminate countertops. Our specialists at Installation Services of Brevard can help you choose the brand that best suits your needs. 

Laminate Kitchen Countertops Pros


They Can Be Antimicrobial

An interesting and little-known fact about laminate countertops is that you can select some that are antimicrobial. The definition of antimicrobial is destructive to or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Having an antimicrobial laminate surface can be one of the healthiest measures you can take for your family. An antimicrobial surface can even kill norovirus and E. Coli. With all the cooking that you’ll be doing in your kitchen, the last thing you want to worry about is your new countertops harboring bacteria.


Looks Great & Will Not Bring Down Resale Value

One of the most prominent qualities of laminate countertops is their ability to look like marble, quartz, granite, soapstone, and even wood. Your guests are guaranteed to compliment your countertops without ever realizing that they aren’t natural stones. Back when laminate kitchen countertops were new, you could not get an under-mount sink. Now, you can get your beautifully modern under-mount sink with your low-cost laminate countertops. Get the look you are going for without breaking the bank. In addition, laminate countertops are easier to take care of and maintain than most natural stones. Laminate countertops also do not stain easily. 


Best Value For Your Money

Laminate countertops are more cost-effective than most countertops. When homeowners remodel, they usually are keeping their home value in mind. No one wants to spend money on a remodel and not receive any benefits from it. Previously, some homeowners believed that choosing laminate countertops would make the kitchen not as appealing. However, installing modern-style laminate countertops in your home will not decrease the value of your home! As we affirmed before, laminate countertops can mimic the look of granite, but you will only have to spend half of what granite countertops cost. That's why we believe if you are looking for a great look, quality, and value, laminate is the way to go. Our professionals at Installation Services of Brevard offer free estimates from Titusville down to Vero Beach, so you can see the value of your investment.


Laminate Countertops Cons

Although there are way more pros than cons when it comes to laminate countertops, we always believe it's a good idea to learn the common problems or dislikes when purchasing a product or service. . This way, you are assured that you’re making the right investment for you and your family. Our professionals are dedicated to providing their customers with exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We don’t want you to find out about common problems after installation and be unsatisfied. So, here are a few downsides to purchasing laminate countertops: 


Easy To Damage

Although laminate countertops are more impact-resistant than granite, it is still worth noting that laminate can be easy to scratch or damage. Laminate is made from layers of plastic, these sheets of plastic are bonded to kraft paper or particleboard, and this is what forms a solid countertop surface. Since laminate is plastic, it can become damaged by very high heat. It is worth noting that these countertops are surprisingly heat resistant as well. However, it would help if you did not place hot pans right on the counter since it might melt, and it is almost impossible to repair. Nevertheless, different types of laminate brands offer various benefits. Like we mentioned before, some laminate countertops have options such as being antimicrobial. So depending on the laminate you choose, the benefits can still outweigh any problems. Research your brands before you settle on a kind of countertop. 


Learn More About Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Installation Services of Brevard has invaluable knowledge on any countertop you may have questions about. We take pride in our customer satisfaction and providing excellent removal and installation services. It is always essential to research your prospects before diving into a complete remodel. If you decide laminate countertops would work best for your home, family, and budget, we can help you with the next steps.


Come down to our showroom located at 780 Wildbriar Rd., N.E #103 Palm Bay, Fl. 32905, and we can show you our laminate countertop selection. With the different types of laminate to choose, from you should have no problem finding a laminate countertop that will take you one step closer to having your perfect home. Like we said before, our specialty is providing overwhelming customer service and value. If you need help with counter removal and installing your new laminate counters, we can help! Installation Services of Brevard also offers free estimates for your removal or installation projects. Call us today at (321) 474-4026, or you can contact us using our website form, click here

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