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Cabinet Removal

Cabinets are crucial to any kitchen, not only for their style, but for their usage and effectiveness. You use cabinets every day for cooking, cleaning, and storage. However, there might come a time where your cabinets have to be removed and replaced, but how? 


You do not have to figure out this question alone. Here at Installation Services of Brevard, our team of cabinetry experts are here to not only safely remove your cabinets, but to help you find the best replacement cabinets for you! When you work with us, you are guaranteed to have a seamless experience.

A cabinet can be removed for several reasons. If you're looking to clean under it or replace the countertop, many cabinets will be able to come out with no significant problems. Other cases where one might look at removing their cabinets include remodeling, redecorating, or changing the style of your kitchen.


There are several benefits to cabinet removal: it resets the layout of your kitchen, allows space for new appliances or cookware storage, and gives you a clean slate to decorate however you'd like!

For some, cabinet removal might be a daunting task. Cabinets are an essential part of any room. They allow for extra storage while keeping the room looking clean. The overuse and wear and tear to the cabinets can cause them to need replacing. Needing to replace cabinets is not uncommon in homes where there are children or pets. However, there may also come when you have to remove your cabinets to fix something behind them. Removing cabinets is a simple process that can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars from hiring a contractor to install brand new cabinets. Cabinets can become worn out by overuse due to the constant opening and closing of cabinet doors, which can cause hinges to weaken and break. If this happens, you must replace the hinges as soon as possible, so they don't get any worse.


Why Remove Your Cabinets?


You might be wondering if there are any particular reasons as to removing and replacing your cabinetry. Most of these reasons come down to how old your cabinets are. Here in Brevard County, there are a lot of homes that are called “Old Florida” homes. These are houses that were built from around the 1950s to the 1970s that have their own unique layouts and styles. You will know an “Old Florida” home when you see them!


Many of these homes were built with the same cabinetry. Our team recommends finding out the year that your home was built. This is because the National Association of Home Builders estimates that the average lifespan of cabinets is 50 years, around the time that many older homes here in Brevard were built! If your home is approaching this age, our team here at Installation Services of Brevard can inspect your cabinets and recommend the best course of action for you.

Brevard County has many homes built in this time frame because, well, Florida is a tourist state. But these homes aren't the only ones with old cabinets. Brevard County was one of the first counties that drew people from worldwide to come here and build their dream home. Because Brevard County is older, there will be older homes that need some new updating, and one great way to do that is cabinet removal. Cabinets are often an eyesore in the kitchen. After a while, they can get dirty with all kinds of stuff that you don't want to see when you look at your cabinets every day. Removing them can add a whole new look to your kitchen, and it is one of the best ways to bring in some style. Often, when you remove your cabinets, you will have more space too. Having more space can be beneficial if you're trying to increase storage or free up a little bit of room for a project that's messy.


However, due to the fact that your cabinets are constantly in use, you might experience signs that your cabinets need to be removed and replaced sooner. Here are some of the most common cabinetry damages to look out for:


  • Softness: The edges and sides of your cabinets can get dinged and scratched over time. The worst thing you can do is paint them to cover up the damage. If you remove the cabinets, it will be easy to see what needs to be repaired and make sure everything matches before repainting or restaining the cabinets.

  • Water Damage: Water can sit in pockets behind your cabinets, significantly below the sink. If you have leaky pipes or a sump pump failure, this water can do significant damage to your walls and flooring beneath, even into the framing of your home. You will need to dry everything out before repairing any damage.

  • Mold: Moisture can also lead to mold growth between the walls, which is unsightly and damaging to your health. If you have had any leaking behind your cabinets or any signs of moisture increasing over time, make sure to clean them thoroughly before removing them.

  • Lack of Sturdiness: Cabinets are only as strong as the walls they are attached to. If you have cabinet doors that fall off or malfunction often, it might be time to replace your cabinets with a more sturdy option.

  • Improper Functions: Many features can be added to cabinets through the years. If you suddenly find your cabinets faltering in a particular area, make sure to research whether or not it can be fixed or if a whole new option is available for purchase.


All of these damages can significantly impact the effectiveness of your cabinets. Worse of all, these could pose a danger to the objects and food that you keep inside of these cabinets! If you think that your cabinets are suffering from these damages, waste no time contacting Installation Services of Brevard for one of our experts to check them out.


Kitchen Cabinet Removal


Your kitchen is one of the most active spots in your entire house. Your kitchen cabinets not only hold your dishes and appliances, but often your food as well. Because of this, it is crucial that you make sure that your cabinets are in the best shape possible. If there is a problem that you do not spot soon enough, you run the risk of contaminating or damaging the things you use every day to sustain yourself. 


That is why the professionals here at Installation Services of Brevard are available to inspect and remove your cabinets. We are highly trained and skilled to spot any problem with your cabinetry, big or small. After that, we will create a plan to safely remove your cabinets without damaging the kitchen walls. 

Cabinets are a vital part of a kitchen. They store all the necessary appliances, cookware, and utensils to create a flavorful meal for friends and family. When you have kids or pets, cabinets become even more important because they store food that children or animals can easily access while their parents are cooking.


Ensure Durability

Kitchens have high traffic, so your cabinets need to be durable. If you have children or have a busy kitchen, you know how many different things go on in a day. Your cabinets need to be able to handle people slamming them open and closed rather frequently without becoming warped or damaged from the heat of constant use. If you have areas where water has been spilled or stained your cabinets, it is best to remove them so that they can dry out before any permanent damage occurs.

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Removal Is The Way To Go

Most people who have cabinets in their home think nothing of simply removing whatever they need from their kitchen cabinets, but they fail to realize how easily those things can be damaged while they are out of their proper place.


Not only will removing your kitchen cabinets help keep them lasting longer, but getting professionals involved will make the job much faster and easy for you. You can use the time saved to do other more fun activities like planning the rest of your redecorating.


Bathroom Cabinet Removal


From your sink to your shower, your home’s bathrooms are sustainable to lots of water moisture. That is why you should be extra diligent in making sure that your bathroom cabinets are not experiencing any adverse reactions, such as water damage. If you think that your bathroom cabinets might be damaged, contact our team of experts at Installation Services of Brevard for a free consultation! We will be able to spot any potential or developing damages to your cabinetry.


Avoid Water Damage

Kitchen cabinets hold various things that are easily damaged by water and heat. Because of the fact, your cabinets typically have both items in them; water can easily cause severe damage to any wood or finish. Also, overusing heat appliances could cause the cabinets to become warped or discolored. If your cabinets are starting to warp or look dry on top of being damaged by water, then it is time for a change.


Even though some materials are moisture-resistant, most wooden cabinet floors shouldn't be exposed to standing water for too long as this could lead to deterioration over time.

Why Cabinet Removal is Important

Cabinet removal is essential because it's a way for you to get the things in your cabinets repaired or replaced while also allowing you to have a clean slate to work with. Out of all repairs, cabinet replacement is probably one of the easiest ones to do yourself because it only requires you to hire a contractor and follow simple instructions on how to mount them onto your wall.


In addition, if water damage has been done, cabinet removal gives you an excellent opportunity to restore that part of the home without having too much interference from your cupboards. Furthermore, removing cabinets can often make a room look bigger and give it a more relaxed look.


How Long Does It Take?

It generally takes about three days for most contractors to finish their job, but this largely depends on how many cabinets you have and how big the rooms are located in. It is generally a rapid process to remove them from the wall, but it will take a long time to put it back up because of all the measuring involved. Generally, it should take about three days when they are installed, but it only takes about one day when being taken out from the walls.


Can Cabinets Be Removed and Reused?

Yes, the cabinets can be removed and reused. This is generally a popular option in the industry because they still offer value to homeowners without paying for a new cabinet. However, these cabinets require more work than when they were installed, which would cost extra money.

No matter where you place your cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, they serve an essential role in enabling storage and organization in your home. Professional cabinet removal services from Installation Services of Brevard will help you take all the hassle out of this task by doing it for you efficiently and quickly.



Cabinets can make all the difference when it comes to remodeling your home. However, they also present the primary obstacle in reaching that goal. That's why home remodeling services usually include professional cabinet removal when they offer a complete renovation package.

Kitchen cabinets are used for storing kitchen utensils and food items. They are an integral part of your kitchen design and provide you with much-needed storage space to keep your everyday things organized. Though expensive, these cabinets are the centerpiece of your kitchen décor and make it more attractive to visitors.


Cabinet Replacement


After you have your cabinets removed, chances are that you are not going to want your kitchen or bathroom to be completely without storage. After all, where will you put all your supplies and goods? You cannot just leave your plates, cooking appliances, or medication lying around the room. 


That is why Installation Services of Brevard is here to help guide you through the cabinet replacement process. You can choose the perfect cabinets for you and your space that are both effective and stylish. We also have years of experience and training to make sure that your replacement cabinets are installed properly, preventing any potential damages to your home.


Installation Services of Brevard has a large showroom of different cabinets that you can browse. Chances are that whatever your style is, we have a great cabinet for you. We offer the following types of cabinets:


  • Hardwood

  • Plywood

  • Fiberboard

  • Veneer

  • Particleboard

  • Laminate

  • Thermofoil


Not entirely sure where to start? No worries! Our team here at Installation Services of Brevard can help guide you through this process. We will explain to you the pros and cons for each type of cabinet to see what is best for you. 


Cabinet Removal Services In Brevard County, Florida


We understand exactly how important your cabinetry is to your home. That is why we are committed to making sure that our cabinet removal and replacement processes go as smoothly as possible. At Installation Services of Brevard, our experts can answer all your questions about kitchen cabinet materials, installation, and more! Our showroom is a great place to see and touch all of your kitchen or bathroom cabinet options. 


Not only do we offer cabinet removal services, but we also offer a number of different services as well! If you are looking for a full kitchen remodel, we also provide demolition and installation of cabinets and countertops. Call us today for a free estimate and consultation at 321-474-4026. We look forward to working with you!

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