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Cabinet & Countertop Removal

Are you looking to get your cabinets removed in the Brevard area? Installation Services of Brevard can be your one-stop-shop. If you are looking to do a complete demo of your old cabinets and countertops, Installation Services of Brevard is known for getting the job done right.


Kitchen remodeling can be an overwhelming task, and having a well thought out plan during each step of the process can save you stress and costly oversights.

What You Should Expect During Your Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Demolition

When you've decided on what type of kitchen you are looking to create, it's time to start from the ground up. The first step is removing your kitchen cabinets & countertops. Some may think this is the easiest part of your kitchen remodeling process, but if you fail to plan, you can end up spending extra money on repairs that you didn't have in your budget. 


Budget For Removal

If you've already planned your kitchen remodel, you should have allocated some of your budget for demolition and removal. Every demo is different, so the price does vary from project to project, but it is good to have an idea of what contractors typically charge for kitchen demolition. It could cost anywhere from about $500 to over $2500. You'll want to contact the contractors you have in mind to see their prices and if they have any offers.

Create A Demo List

Having a list of precisely what cabinets and countertops you need to be removed will keep you in your budget. A list will be helpful when getting quotes from reputable contractors in your area. 


Typical Time It Takes To Remove Cabinets and Countertops

It is a best practice always to know how long a project should take. An average countertop and cabinet removal takes about two days. However, kitchen demolition can vary by the scope of work and size of your kitchen.


How Careful Cabinet and Countertop Removal Is Done

The key to safe and effective kitchen demolition is preparation. Knowing what you have to do is almost all of the battle. 

  1. Start with a clean slate. Make sure all of your belongings are completely out of the kitchen. Once all your kitchenware has been packed up and moved out, the drawers are all removed. 

  2. Turn off the water to your sink and cut the power to the kitchen using the main breaker. 

  3. Since this demo is just for cabinets and countertops, the floors are safely cover to ensure they do not get damaged during the demo.

  4. Removal of cabinet doors and shelves. Using a power drill for a fast and easy process, the screws attaching the door to hinges to the cabinets will be removed. Next, any shelving will be removed. This way, the cabinets do not get damaged or hurt anyone since they aren't secured. 

  5. Next, the cabinets are removed from each other.

  6. The cabinets are unscrewed from the wall and moved out of the way. This step is usually handled by a team of two since once the cabinet has been unscrewed from the wall, gravity takes over.

  7. The base cabinets are removed next. Each drawer is pulled out and moved away.

  8. The kitchen sink is removed, which is why it is crucial to turn off the water. 

  9. The counter is then checked for any screws that might be connecting it to the shelves. Once all are unscrewed the countertops can be hauled out.

  10. Just like the upper shelves, the lower shelves are disconnected from each other and then removed from the wall, one at a time. 

This written process is a very quick list of what goes on when a professional team removes kitchen cabinets and countertops. Installation Services of Brevard takes demoing a property very seriously. Our team is adequately trained on cabinets and countertop removal. Taking care of the owner's property and keeping in mind the safety of themselves and their coworkers is a value we instill in our employees. 


A Word of Caution To DIY Kitchen Demolition

If you think you'll save a few bucks by doing it yourself, we caution that DIY demolitions aren't always the safest and cost-effective option. An inexperienced person could damage necessary plumbing, compromise a load-bearing wall, and forget to follow proper safety measures that could damage other parts of the home or even worse, themselves. Let's not forget that construction projects must have the proper permits.


3 Things To Look For When Choosing The Right Contractor For You Cabinet and Countertop Removal

Just as we caution DIYers to be cautious, we also need to advise against just hiring anybody. 

  • Check out their reviews. Do they have happy customers? Do they come through on the promises they made to their customers? Do they recommend them?

  • Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? 

  • Make sure they are a fully licensed and insured company.

There may be other questions that you have been told to ask prospective contractors, but they are great ways to see how they are with their customers. 


Ready To Get Your Old Cabinets and Counter Tops Out of Your Kitchen?

Installation Services of Brevard brings a broad knowledge of cabinetry and a vast array of experience to your project. We want to share our knowledge with you about your home projects and even help add to your DIY projects. 


Before you begin your home project, talk to us. We believe meeting our customers early in their remodeling process has always worked out best for both parties. 


When you are ready to begin your cabinet and countertop removal, give us a call at 321-474-4026, and we can provide you a free estimate! 

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