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Why Installation Services of Brevard?

From building custom cabinets to installing cabinets for various kitchen & bath companies. We bring a broad knowledge of cabinetry and a vast array of experience to your project.

Mission Statement:

To bring our knowledge and experience directly to the customer to get the best results for cabinet installation at a fair and reasonable cost.

One thing we noticed when installing for the bigger Kitchen & Bath companies is that there often was a disconnect between the customer and the installers. Many times important information from the customer was not passed on to the installers, until something was done incorrectly, resulting in unnecessary stress. Other times, inexperienced sales reps would promise things that could not be done, resulting in disappointment. So, we realized that by meeting with the customer early in the process we could avoid these pitfalls. This has worked very well for the “do-it-yourselfer,” and others who do not want to go through the bigger Kitchen & Bath companies for their cabinets needs.

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